I finally got in a lab this summer!

And I don't mean the mediocre one at school, where the sodium hydroxide solution has a pH of 7.5. I'm not joking.

But this summer, I enrolled in a research program with a couple of friends and I get to work in a university lab waaaaay cooler. Because no one wants to hear a rant on genetics and proteins and bacteria, I'll skip to hopefully more interesting things.

1. You don't get safety spectacles if you have glasses. It makes sense, because you already have protection, but my glasses don't look cool enough for me to yell "GENETICS!" in the street. Or something.

2. Lab procedure? What lab procedure? Sometimes, at least. We take only approximate measurements (like, 52 instead of 50 mL of water). I've seen 6 unattended Bunsen burners since I started the program. Not to mention there's this box of carcinogenic stuff. That means it can cause cancer. We didn't know it was dangerous until the professor told us ... about halfway through the experiment we were conducting right next to the box.

3. Lab coats do NOT make you look cool unless you are a professor or at least studying in university. I look like a midget in my oversized lab coat, and it looks really strange. Really strange. Especially with my non-centred name scribbled on the pocket. On the contrary, they're useful for keeping you warm in the air-conditioned lab.

4. Miscellaneous:

  • Fluorescent proteins are sometimes called 'pink'. They're actually orange, if you ask me. But they look cool.
  • The lab ran out of spatulas. They borrowed spoons from the canteen while waiting for new ones.
  • Many people work in the same lab. They steal equipment from each other on a regular basis.
  • Fish are kept in a conical flask in the professor's office. Six of the eight died, they got transferred to a proper tank. We're betting on when the remaining two will die.
  • The professor kept two toy cars in her office for her kids. And by 'toy cars', I don't mean tiny things the length of your forearm. I mean ones that a five-year-old can actually sit in. I'd take a photo, because it look hilarious, but I'm paranoid my professor will find out.

I actually still am. '~' *hides and slinks away*

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  1. Actually I don't think I look TOO bad in my coat :)


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