I'm carrying bombs and guns, let me through please

Today, as I was going home, a visitor was registering his info at the reception. He was carrying a basket with a baby inside. Here's the gist of their conversation:

Receptionist: Hello, where are you going?

Visitor: I'm going to A's* apartment, Block N, nth floor.

Receptionist: [records down] And what's your name, sir?

Visitor: My surname is B*. [elevator arrives] The basket's really heavy, I'm not going to wait for you to register. Oh, and change the surname to C*.


Why on earth did he change the surname? Ignoring the fact that at least one of them couldn't be real, changing the surname isn't going to change the waiting time. And since he isn't planning to wait, even if it did what difference would it make?

Stupid people - logic = a nonplussed blogger

And being random, morbid and insane, I immediately came up with the following scene:

Robber: [to receptionist] Argh, I'm carrying bombs and grenades and AK-47s, it's so heavy. Not going to wait for you to register for my info, I have apartments to rob. Just make up the surname that will let me through, OK?

So let's amend my previous equation:

Stupid people - logic = a nonplussed blogger being robbed

*For obvious reasons, the actual names are redacted.

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