Sherlock Season 3 trailer

Oh my goodness the new Sherlock trailer for season 3 is out! (I own nothing. The video was found here.)

OK, it's not completely Sherlock, but some is better than none. In view of the occasion, I've decided to compare the two Sherlock Holmes adaptations to modern times: Sherlock (BBC) and Elementary.

I loved the Sherlock Holmes books. It was more or less my first taste of mystery/crime fiction. So when Sherlock, the BBC series, aired a while ago, I watched it eagerly. And rewatched it. And rewatched it. And rewatched it until my TV went crazy and the recorded episodes got lost in a black hole. I've also watched some of Elementary. Let's go and list out the top 5 things about this show.


1. Mycroft Holmes: "Caring is not an advantage."

2. "You lower the IQ of the entire street." Ahahahahaha.

3. I O U. I loved, loved, loved that episode. (I also hated it for making me cry.)

4. Oh, and of course, Moriarty. His role was expanded so much from the originals. "Every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain."

5. Sherlock's coat. That is all.

(I need more space.)

Ahhhh! I'm going to die waiting for Season 3! ;_;

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