Oh. My. Goodness.

*screams and runs around in circles*

One of my poems, Perfection, just got published by Brouhaha Magazine! It's the first time something I've written is accepted by a lit mag, so ... *screams some more*

Perfection is a poem I wrote when Figment was overrun with haikus and I challenged myself to write a rhyming haiku. I ended up with this:

         And yet perfection
         Is only the reflection
         Of imperfection.

As for the rest, well ... check it out here.

I'd like to thank Brouhaha Magazine, of course, not only for publishing my poem, but also for creating a haven for under-recognized authors. Go check their site out; they have some great pieces over there.

Also, thanks to Starflower (both on Blogger and Figment) for posting about her success with this magazine, thus inspiring me to give it a shot too. She just founded a lit mag and is looking for submissions for Issue One. Check it out.

*goes off to freak out some more*

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