School is a microcosm of society

Note: I had a rather stressful day and am dying from pressure. Do not take what I say seriously.

I totally believe in the captioned statement, although not the way most people would believe (and most certainly not the way teachers would approve of).

For those who have read my 'About', you'll know I live in Hong Kong, China. Unfortunately, this means that I have to study Chinese History. While there are certain amusing points (one king's name meant 'Go die'), it's a pain in the neck. After studying the Ming Dynasty, though, I realized that history was just a reflection of the present.

Here are a list of identities in the Ming Dynasty and their counterparts in real-life school:

Emperor: Principal, obviously.

Chancellor: Vice principals.

Royal family: The principal's family members in the staff. If none, find some department heads.

Servants (who win the emperor's favor and help with ruling messing up the country): Someone who thinks they have power but is actually despised. Or the random guard that glares at you when you ask how to use the school phone, or something.

Lords: Department Heads and School Council.

Local governors: Teachers. Or, as our history teacher prefers, absolute teachers. (Like absolute monarchy, y'know?)

Secret spy service: Prefects. Sorry, but it's true ...

Commoners (which the textbook describes as 'miserable' in various fancy phrases): Students. Poor us. *begins to farm do homework*

Lack of student council: The law forbids us poor commoners from forming organizations, lest we rebel. Sigh.

(By the way, most of these identities were present throughout different dynasties, but I had to use Ming Dynasty because I needed the secret spy service. Funnily enough, it was called "West Factory" or something along those lines. Certainly ... creative.)

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