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Hello dear readers. First things first, happy Easter! May the bunnies shower your home with lots of chocolate!

As you're probably aware, I just finished the last installment of Scissored and Caesar'd a few days ago. While Noveling 101 and A Midsummer's Nightmare are still under way, and I have a secret thing forthcoming (wink), I'd really love to hear what you would want to see me mock.
  1. School — I've done a couple posts which seem pretty popular, judging from the number of pageviews, and am in particular thinking of expanding my Student's Guide to encompass all aspects of school. 
  2. Science — if you've been around for a long time, you might've noticed the post or two about my lab work. No physics equations, I promise; just lots of snark.
  3. Shakespeare — I have a copy of Othello somewhere on my shelf, assuming I ever figure out who is who beyond Othello (duh) and Iago.
  4. Everything I can get my hands on: A cocktail of insanity!
I've put up a poll in the sidebar; I look forward to seeing what you think! If you have other suggestions, please do feel free to put them in the comments. Thanks so much, and enjoy your chocolate :)

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