Unfortunately, due to the pressing demands of school, I won't be able to continue the weekly posts of summer vacation. They will keep coming — but every fortnight instead, plus the occasional blog meme.

On the bright side, since school is starting, I will once again have fodder for my recaps! Expect Romeo and Juliet, The Reader, The Go-Between and Antigone. Current working titles: Racy and Juvenile (or just RnJ), The Creepy Giver*, Creepy Giver Sequel**, and And I'm Gone. Working titles only, don't fret. (Suggestions extremely appreciated in comments!)

That's it for this Saturday's post (I am not joking about school) — stay awesome, lovely readers!

*Except the kid is the one giving the memories/whatever, and the erotic subtext is not subtext
**As in a wordplay on Messenger, which I have not read

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