#WritersLife and Happiness Tags (+ copious gifs)

I'm sure you know the drill by now! Two tags, many gifs.
I stole this image from Cait, but since she stole the tag in the first place ...
Our great Overlord Her Majesty Cait, Queen of Paper Fury and this world, has tagged me for the #WritersLife tag! Thanks so much!

Write fuel: what do you eat/drink while writing?

To be honest, my writing time is limited to whatever I can scrounge before/between/during class and homework. So I don't have a set routine to writing — although I often spend some time writing just before I go to bed. At that time I'll be drinking a refreshing mug of soya milk.

Write sounds: what do you listen to while writing?

I have tracklists for every manuscript, but more often I pick one song (chances are it's Taylor Swift or The Civil Wars) and listen to it on loop so much the lyrics are too much a part of me to be a distraction.
Me after every longer writing session.
Write vice: what's your most debilitating distraction?

Homework, and Tumblr, and other ideas. And of course this blog.

Write horror: what's the worst thing that ever happened to you while writing?

See here, I don't have horror stories about my computer crashing halfway through, or someone reading my writing without my knowledge. But it's always crushing when I realise just how much revisions are needed for each draft.
Write joy: Best thing that's ever happened while writing? How do you celebrate small victories?

Best things:
  • When I finally finished my first book. 
  • When I finally finished any draft of any book. 
  • At some point realising, hey, maybe this is salvageable. 
  • Beta readers flailing with me and screaming at me about their ships (TalisaxJunrai *coughcough*) 
  • Thinking of a really pretty quotable line
Celebrating? Well, I tweet a little, update myWriteClub, eat some takeout. But mostly I celebrate by starting a new draft.

Write crew: who do you communicate with (or not) while writing?

I tweet. I tweet copiously, I blog on here, I email my takeout army and any readers I've recruited from there. But otherwise, I keep my messy thoughts in my head and on the paper.

Write secret: what's your writing secret to success or hidden flaw?

What is it with this tag and two questions in one? Seriously, these challenge my decision making ability.

Secrets to success:
  • Keep writing.
  • Look for critique partners and beta readers.
  • After someone reads your book and tells you they cried, demand they mail you the tissues. Keep these safe until you procure three strands of mermaid hair, two dragon scales, and four vials of Nutella. Brew for one month, then drink it while dancing on a bus with a shiny hat. What, you thought my profile picture was random?
Behold my genius. Hahahaha.
Hidden flaws: none. I don't hide my flaws, namely:
  • figuring out plot coherency and pacing
  • writing believable romance
  • after revising my ms maybe enough, actually finding the courage to query
Write-spiration: what always makes you productive?

I'd tell you, but I already revealed one of my top-secret recipes, so nope.

Write peeve: what's one thing writers (or you) do that's annoying?

I kind of frantically worry all the time that I come off as boastful when I flail over my own books. But I am always ALL THE EXCITE about my writing (or else why would I be writing it?). I do try to tone it down, but as to whether I succeed ... *bites lip*

Because it really annoys me when people seem to think their work is fabulous and keep throwing it in my faces, or think their book is entitled to be published, or refuse to accept criticism. Sometimes it comes off as humorous or proud, but other times I just run away.
Write words: Share one sentence from a project, past or present.

Here's a line said by Kim, our favourite hanbok-wearing justice lady from Matryoshka:
“I hate to break the news to you, Prime Minister, but you appointed me your justiciar. I have laws to review and trials to judge and letters to write. And of course, rebels to hang. With your permission.” [Exit Kim, too awesome]
(That last stage direction isn't actually in the book.)

Intrigued? I'm sharing one whole Kim chapter with my takeout army in early December, so do sign up to join us! I'll send you monthly letters with exclusive content and opportunities.

Next, because writing makes me happy, I'm completing the tag of happiness from Heather! I get to list things that make me happy under various categories. Actually, most of these are bittersweet, but that makes me happy. So.

SONGS: Blank Space, Bad Blood, Love Story, and Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift); Poison and Wine and The One that Got Away (The Civil Wars); almost anything by Lorde.

BOOKS: A Darker Shade of Magic and Vicious by V.E. Schwab; The Golden Compass series by Phillip Pullman; Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick.
MOVIES: Black Widow solo ... oh wait.

FOODS: Cakes and cookies and other pastries. Eggs, cooked in various ways. Pasta. Beef brisket, especially in soup. Chicken broth.

WORDS: BLOOKUNITY. It's my own creation to abbreviate "book blogging community".

SCENTS: Baking food. Simmering soup. Fresh-printed paper.

RANDOM THINGS: The pearl pink of my phone. My embarrassingly modest bookshelf. That moment when procrastinating by making quote posters inspires me to write again. Knowing, all of a sudden, where to go.

BLOGGERS (who are tagged for the Tag of Happiness and the Writer's Life tag): Beth @ The Quiet People, Christina @ fairy skeletons, Aimee @ To the Barricade!, Ashley @ [insert title here], Chiara Sullivan, Matt @ Working Fable.

Tell me some of YOUR writing secrets! And what makes you happy?

Well, another thing that would make me happy: if you joined my takeout army. You'll be happy, too, because I'll send you monthly letters of magic, madness, and murder!

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