Pretty Witchy WIP Wallpapers + 5 Ways Tumblr Edits and Memes Inspire My Writing

I confess, sometimes I procrastinate my writing. And sometimes I find myself on Tumblr. And I always stay there for longer than is wise ... but Tumblr is pretty high up my list of inspirations! Here's how Tumblr motivates me to keep writing.
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Psst, thinking of changing up your phone wallpapers? See if my Tumblr-inspired ones are to your taste:

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Wait one moment, what are Tumblr edits and memes?

Neither of these are specific to Tumblr, but that's where I come across them most often so I have named them that. *nods*

Tumblr edits often involve adding text over a photo or a gif. Sometimes the focus is on the text and it's a line of poetry or a quote from a novel; other times the focus is on the photo or gif (probably from a TV show or movie) and a meaningful line is added over it.

There are many, many, many styles of Tumblr edits, from contrasting two characters by using the same text over different photos, to making a photoset and spreading a quote over each photo and so on. Check out all the Tumblr edits I've reblogged!

Tumblr memes, on the other hand, is when someone makes a sassy comment, someone else uses the template to sass something else, and eventually a formula is formed and someone adds the formula to Urban Dictionary. If you're planning on being productive today, please do not Google Tumblr memes.

How can Tumblr edits and memes be writing motivation?

I admit it! It's mostly procrastination! But it's important to take a break now and then, and Tumblr edits/memes are a great way to take a break without stopping the flow of creativity.

1. They help me fall back in love with the small things.

Or as Samantha Chaffin called it, save the narwhals.

I am a HUGE fan of cool one-liners. I actually like playing around with words on a micro-level more than plotting character deaths, although both are cool. But since large-scale revisions are my bane,

It's important to find the little scraps of starlight even when you want to throw the entire manuscript out the window. Great one-liners remind me I might actually be able to write and throw characters out the window instead.

Making these Tumblr edits help me keep these great lines in mind, and also makes me hone my writing so that it's concise enough to fit on an image. Win-win!

By the way, I lied. There are wallpapers from the Revenge WIP Matryoshka AND the Witchy WIP WIBAS in this post, but pretty and witchy are a near rhyme so I went for that.

Conventionally, the revenge genre is about "we will have vengeance OR die for it." I decided an immensely practical family trying to seek vengeance would be much more fun to explore, and that's exactly what Matryoshka is about — seeking vengeance not for the sake of the dead, but for the living.
Oh, and inspired by Shanelle's lettering for Aristotle and Dante, I decided to try an experiment in lettering, as well:

2. Alternative forms of art keep my mind creative.

Sometimes—not often—I don't want to write anything at all. It's not a plot hole I'm trying to avoid, or a WIP I'm tired of. Maybe I've been writing for two months straight and feel incredibly tired, but the magic won't go away and I'm 200% inspired.

Making Tumblr edits let me keep working on the same WIP without running out of writerly energy. Unlike my writing, which I set several deadlines for, graphic design is just a side-side-side-side hobby. I get to try ALL sorts of experiments without the pressure!

Besides, challenging my mind in artistic pursuits other than writing often feeds back into inspiring my writing.

Second set of Matryoshka edits! You guys saw the second half in my blogversary:
I'm sure a couple of you are blinking right now. "Waaaaait, who is Tarek?!?"

You might remember I mentioned changing our favourite brat Thomas' name. The main reason for this is Matryoshka arose from my first manuscript and utterly whitewashed attempt Shadowplay, and so the names didn't change with the ethnicity.I felt it was important to mirror this change, so despite a twinge of reluctance at giving up the familiar, please welcome Tarek, our new favourite brat.

This next one, I believe, is sometimes called the "slap Arial font on pastel background" style of Tumblr edit.
And in case you were wondering about the state of Matryoshka — I've officially decided to completely rewrite it after a flash of inspiration. It'll end up another experimental mess at some point, but for now, I am shelving it.

Stay updated with progress on my novels!

3. Establish the novel aesthetic.

When revising Matryoshka, one of my major issues was insufficient worldbuilding. Once upon a time, I adored writing pages and pages of purple prose description, but then I learned that was baaaad. I therefore compensated by ... forgetting to write description at all in recent drafts.

Tumblr edits help me visualise the aesthetic of a novel, without sacrificing brevity. This is especially important since my current WIP, the Mulan + Swan Lake retelling, will rely heavily on building atmosphere. Here's to relearning description the right way.

Check out the novel aesthetic of my witchy Mulan + Swan Lake in this #WatchMeWrite post!

4. Stay sassy.

I MEAN ... we all love banter, right? And there's really no place better for sass than Tumblr. Plus, Tumblr memes often include variations upon the same basic framework, and when we think about it, Tumblr memes are a LOT like writing. Same tropes, different presentation.

Switching to the witchy WIP:

A 'cinnamon roll', by the way, is a fictional character who is adorable/charismatic/generally fabulous, and people want to give them ALL the hugs.

5. The only real reason, procrastination.

Sometimes we need a break. Sometimes we want a break. And if you can't avoid procrastination, might as well make it productive procrastination, right?

I've already told you why Tumblr edits inspire my writing ... and let's be honest, those hours are better spent wrestling with fonts and unruly layers than floating around on Pinterest.
This is the opening line of my witchy WIP, a Mulan + Swan Lake retelling that's also a roadtrip across China that's also a superhero-avenges-love-interest story told from the PoV of the villain and the love interest that's also a dystopian set outside the US. *happydance*

The beautiful thing about this first line is that I've figured out how this one line can represent the entire novel. (I mean ... I did say Tumblr edits made me more concise.)

Procrastination may be inevitable, but it doesn't have to be unproductive. (share this secret with your Twitter friends!)

That said, I did calm down and write a lot during March, which is why I didn't finish all the edits I wanted to make! Including these other quotes that you suggested:
  • "we will never build a future chasing the past", suggested by Topaz here
  • "They set the world on fire for their dreams and the law meant they perished in the flames." suggested by Kelly here
  • "witchy magical Starbucks" on a T-shirt suggested by Nirvana here
Sooooo I haven't gotten to these yet. (Pro tip, don't keep a blog while doing IB.) I also planned on converting all of these into cool desktop and iPhone wallpapers. Not to worry, I'll still work on them!

ETA: The wallpapers are now done! Get them here:

Yep, email me the wallpapers with feelsy quotes!

So blookunity! Do you like these quotes and designs? Do you spend TOO MUCH TIME on Tumblr? (yes, yes you do. find me at alyssacarlier.)

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