When I was young, I read books with stickers on the cover (argh) and rainbows inside the pages (good grief).

Those aren't the books we're looking for. On this blog, I'll talk about diverse YA on the darker spectrum. With absolutely zero stickers on the cover. I promise.

So, booklings and bloggers, step into (fictional) worlds of magic, madness, and murder.

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Looking for your next fantasy read?

My current WIP, a Mulan + Swan Lake retelling AND villain origin story:
When villain protag Mo accidentally stabs a runaway witch-princess, she ends up cursed and hunted by the princess’ assassin girlfriend. To return home, Mo has to fight demons, break curses, and learn to kill witches.

What I say about me, in third person:

Alyssa Carlier writes (and more often rewrites) novels about girls in worlds of magic, madness and murder. Sometimes she remembers to blog about books and shares her best book blogging tips with other booklings. Alyssa hasn't noticed Jedi mind tricks work better in second person than third.

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