I will attempt to be serious here, but it won't work. At least there are no gifs.

I am open to everything from review requests, blog tour posts, giveaways, cover reveals, or guests posts. Please contact me at alyssa.carlier@gmail[dot]com or any of the ways on my contact page and we can talk!

Book review policy:

  • Age category: I mostly read YA, but adult books have blown me away too.
  • Genres: My favourite takeout is fantasy, although I adore anything speculative, from sci-fi to dystopian. Romance, not so much. Open to anything else in between!
  • Format: Anything goes, really. I'm happy to consider traditional, indie or self-pub books!
  • Reviews will be posted to this blog, Goodreads, and Barnes and Noble + promoted on Twitter and Pinterest.
    • If you'd like me to post to any other sites, I'd be happy to oblige!
  • I can't guarantee a review, but if I genuinely cannot review something you've sent me, I'll let you know. If there's radio silence, I've probably forgotten ... so nudge me if it's been like an eon and I haven't said a thing?
  • On another note, a review copy doesn't really affect my opinion of a book. If you want to win me over, try tea and takeout.
  • I go by a star system where 5 is FANTASTIC and 1 is NOOOO. I'm valiantly resisting half-stars.
  • Contact me at alyssa.carlier@gmail[dot]com!

Commenting policy:

  • Please keep all comments polite. Criticisms, disagreement and debate are welcome, but unwarranted rudeness or disrespect, especially anything homophobic, racist, sexist, etc., etc., will be deleted without mercy.
  • On the same note, if I have offended you or made an incorrect statement, please feel free to say so in the comments section.
  • I reply to all comments; check your Disqus notifications!
  • I comment back whenever:
    • you included a link in your comment, or;
    • your Disqus profile includes a link to your own blog.
  • I reserve the right to not comment back if your comment is utterly meaningless. This does not mean short. Short comments can be meaningful.
  • I also reserve the right to not comment back if I have nothing meaningful to comment. Most likely this is because your posts discuss religion or other topics I either don't discuss online or have no opinion on.


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  • Rights to normal posts belong to me. You are welcome to share these posts by included images and with some quotes, so long as you credit me and link back.
  • If a post inspires you, feel free to ask if you can base your own posts off them. (My answer will most likely be yes.) Please include a mention and a link back; and if you send that post my way, I'll most likely be delighted to see it and send you lots of takeout and comments.
  • Some images are not mine. These images will click through to their source; or in some cases, I have specified the source in the caption.
    • If some of these images belong to you and you would like me to remove them, please feel free to contact me.

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