Below are a list of WIPs, manuscripts and assorted longer writing projects. For published short works, see my publications page.

currently working on:


Genre/Category: YA fantasy

Status: Second draft complete; planning rewrites

Nutshell: In a futuristic wartime Hong Kong, Mo fixes military planes by day and robs graves by night. When she steals a locket that curses its wearer to turn into a swan every night, she must travel north into the land of the witches to break the curse. Mo must hide from the witches, but her more dangerous enemy is the witch-huntress, who has an unsettled rivalry with the locket's previous owner and princess of the witches.

Comps: Mulan + Swan Lake retelling // VICIOUS meets THE NIGHT CIRCUS

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currently on hold:


Genre/Category: YA fantasy (or dystopian, but I'm in denial)

Status: Third draft; to be rewritten

Nutshell: Thomas, a bastard boy, seeks vengeance for his warmonger father to prove himself a worthy heir. With the help of his infinitely superior mother, he travels north to ruin the Prime Minister, his father's killer. Bonus hanbok-wearing justice lady, Arabic rebels, and gunpowder.

Comps: The Winner's Curse // A Song of Ice and Fire

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Winner Takes All

Genre/Category: YA fantasy

Status: Fourth draft; awaiting rewrites

Nutshell: A peasant girl fights against the patriarchy, Mulan-style, and wrests a crown for herself. Eight years after her death, her friend picks up the pieces and must condemn her husband to save her son.

Comps: Mulan retelling // Gone Girl // World War Z // Station Eleven // The Winner's Curse

Links: Blog posts // Figment // Pinterest // Playlist

Shadowplay (Matryoshka prequel)

Genre/Category: Adult thriller

Status: To be pulled out of revision hell

Nutshell: When a rebellion fights against the bureaucracy of the Republic, a politician masks his takeover with the chaos. Featuring assassins, bookworms, and much politics.

Comps: Julius Caesar (yes, Shakespeare) // The Red Queen // A Song of Ice and Fire

Links: Figment

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