Genre/Category: YA Chinese-inspired fantasy

Status: showcased in #PitchWars 2017

Nutshell: When sixteen-year-old thief Mo stabs a runaway witch-princess, she’s cursed to wear her face. To break the curse, Mo braves the unfamiliar world of witchcraft where she must survive the assassin hunting the princess—and equally dangerous, her own desire for power.

Comps: Mulan + Swan Lake retelling // the villains of VICIOUS and the magic of THE NIGHT CIRCUS

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Genre/Category: YA fantasy (Persephone retelling)

Status: Plotting

Nutshell: supervillain Persephone + silvertongue Hades

One week before her sixteenth spring festival, Pei desires only one thing: to build a pair of magnificent, mechanical wings. No one in the Heavenly City expects anything of a lowly sparrow-winged dressmaker, and she’ll prove them wrong.

But then a prophet predicts that she’ll die before the spring festival. Now Pei must find a prophesied, capricious prince in the underworld and restore his throne so he can overturn the prophesy. Honestly, why does Pei have to do all this work for his benefit? If only she had some useful secret ability, instead of turning everything she touches to gold.

Hai has a secret ability too: a silver tongue that compels everyone to help him before themselves.

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