Little Alchemy

For those who don't know, that's a game where you combine 'elements', like air, water and fire, to make new elements, like water+fire=steam. It's actually sort of a fun game, at least at the beginning, but that's not really the point.

Allow me to introduce you to Little Alchemy, version insanity.

boredom + history test = depression

depression + blogger = morbidness

depression + history test = procrastination

procrastination + morbidness = ... well, I think I should show you instead:

Combination of Coraline's button eyes and Petrushka the dead puppet. Oh dear.
If anyone hasn't read/watched Coraline or heard/watched Petrushka, try to do so. They're both worth your time. Of course, this comes from a person who was unnaturally obsessed with Little Tree Friends in her childhood.

(May add little icons like in the actual game if I ever feel like it. For now, I think the Coraline/Petrushka combination is creepy enough.)

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