Sleep is a cruel joke

I can never decide whether to lie face up or sideways. See the below list of body parts and preferred sleeping position.

Feet: face up

Right leg: on my left side

Left leg: on my right side

Hips: face down

Waist: sideways

Shoulders: face up

Right arm: on my right side

Left arm: on my left side

Neck: anywhere attached to head and body

Head: anywhere touching cool side of pillow

Hair: just chop it off and hang it up

You see, all of these can be fulfilled at the same time with the exception of neck. Go figure.

P.S.: I will pay good money if someone would make a graphic of this similar to the kind at the butcher's about parts of a pig. Um, wrong idea. Offer still stands.

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  1. Hehe. Fully agree about the hair. I hate sleeping with it all around my head, so I end up putting it up somewhat. The result is the same when I wake up though: hello, me, you don't seem to have held a hairbrush in your hands in a while! (Apologies, Megadeth.)


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