TCWT Blog Chain: Literary Twins

The TCWT blog chain, by John over at Teens Can Write, Too!, explores a different question each month, and for August, it's:

What characters are you most like?

Oh. Oh, dear.

1. Tyrion Lannister

I debated for so long whether to choose Cersei or Tyrion, and I assure you, my choice is not because Cersei turned out to be an utterly unsympathetic, paranoid bitch in AFOC. I mean, books? Check. Snark? Check. Hates Joffrey? Check. Sort-of manipulative? Check. Semi-good with power? Check. Not so much the drinking and whoring bit, though.

But since I missed out on an opportunity for a power-hungry, psychotic character, we've got to compensate with ...

ETA: checking back in with my 2014 self in 2019. I am totally Cersei Lannister. I will take one zombie bodyguard, thank you.

2. Loki

Unfortunately, I don't have an army (Chitauri- or fangirl-wise) or magic powers, but let's just say I've killed off too many characters/thought of too many bioweapons/eaten too much chocolate to be strictly sane. Also, I want to demolish cities and depose kings, I just ... don't have armies or magic powers. *sighs and goes back to writing fanfiction*

(By the way, I'd dearly love a fanfic where any of the Thor cast get tossed into Westeros by way of Bifrost.)

(Another by the way, I just noticed both of my characters have daddy issues. Uh, well, I don't. My parents are absolutely awesome. Just throwing it out there.)

So that's it! What about you guys? Any literary twins of your own?

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  1. Ha! This is so great. Cersei is honestly one of my favorite book characters. I know I'm supposed to hate her, but she is wonderfully evil and backstabbing, and I can't get enough. Tyrion is just as cool, except, you know, he is known for his wit instead of his ALL MUST DIE mentality.

    Great post! Thank you so much for participating!

    1. Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity so I can rant about myself ;) I admire Cersei in some ways, and yes, I am rather petty and self-centred, but I don't think I'm *that* paranoid yet, ahaha.

  2. Two of my heroes. Tyrion has grown to become my absolute favorite Game of Thrones character for many, many reasons, most of which depending on the fact that he lived beyond one book to have some proper characterization and plotlines. But also because he's awesome. Loki I love just as much... I have no idea what we're going to do without him in the next Avengers movies...

    Still, those are amazing people to be like--definitely my favorite candidates so far.

    1. "he lived beyond one book to have some proper characterization and plotlines" — ha, yes! I love the Stark sisters too, but I can't say I'm like either of them; maybe if Arya was the one trapped in King's Landing?

      And yes, *sob*, no Loki in Age of Ultron. But there's always Tony Stark.

    2. I feel for Sansa more than Arya (though they're both well done) perhaps because Sansa can keep her mouth shut a little bit more than her sister, but I doubt that Arya would have lived long at King's Landing. :(

      Ah yes. Tony, Tony, Tony. What would we do without him?


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