Worst things to say

Moving this post up by a week because of blog chain schedule, so watch out for that post next week!

Randomness level: 11/10

Snark level: Tyrion Lannister/10

Seriousness level: sin(x)/10 (i.e. fluctuates madly)

What are some of the worst things you can say ...

In science: That's just how it is.

In politics: I don't care.

In calligraphy: Achoo!

In cooking: I'll take this call, be back soon.

In writing: I'll keep this idea in my head and get back to it.

In sleeping: I need to sleep.

In school: I'm bored.

That's it for today: please do leave a comment whether you laughed to death, were shocked by my ridiculous comments, or simply awesome enough to make my day by saying hi :D And don't forget to subscribe for more random morbid insanity!


  1. Ah, my chemistry teacher last year used the science one quite often, and I use the writing one way too much. So true :D

    1. Same here with both; most of this was from personal experience but still seems universal :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was actually based off a particularly disastrous experience in eighth grade :S

  3. I know the feeling. X-D
    Also, what's this about the snark meter? I loved the seriousness one! X-D

    1. Oh, Tyrion Lannister is a character in the series A Song of ice and Fire, and he is the king of snark. Thanks so much :)


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