Just 52 More Cards

Remember the science people I introduced here? Well, they're making another comeback. For people too lazy to click onto the hyperlink, essentially we're a group of six nerds who've spent over a year training for a science competition together. We're also a little weird, as demonstrated below.

So we were having a 10-min snack break in our training, and the lecturer said, "You guys are so much more well-behaved than last year's team. They kept on playing cards."

Predictably, the next week I brought playing cards. Because I'm me. None of us are very good at card games per se, but we are very good at snark. Here are some memorable quotes.
Just four more cards for a straight flush.
Just four more cards for the whole suit.
(in retaliation to the above) Just five more cards for all the deuces.
(in retaliation to the above) Just six more cards for five deuces. 
Just 39 more cards for the entire deck.
Just two more cards for both Jokers. (We weren't even using them, FYI.)
Someone: Take it as a win if you lose less.
Someone else: Take it as a lose if you win more ... wait.
(when the two people not playing look at the hands) WOWWWW.
(Of course, we did that no matter what the hands were.)

Some more memorable pictures from the day:

One round started with this, which is amazing in itself:
Played by four different people. Honest.
And it ended like this. I mean, seriously? We start with four of the smallest cards and end with three of the smallest remaining cards?
This was one guy's hand. Life is ridiculously unfair.

Any memorable card-playing experiences you'd like to share? Drop a note in the comments!

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  1. I love science (also not focusing in science). Which is your favourite scientific branch? Sounds like your entire team is full of snark... (and sarcasm) . Were you playing poker or rummy or what? I don't really know that many card games, but I love settlers and dutch blitz and cheat (aka bs) What's a science competition like? What's argentina like? Also, it's good to know there's another science and maths-loving reading blogger out there :) . How do you feel about maths (it's just another of my favourite subjects)

    1. I'm more towards the biology side, with some dabblings in chemistry. I am afraid mathematics is really not my strong suit, though -- although I really really do love science. (I can't believe I haven't written any scifi yet!)

      Erm, we play a range of games, but they're mainly local, I think. BS is amazing, though. A science competition is like three afternoons of tests plus several days for mingling -- it's the mingling that counts. Argentina is a lovely place, lots of beautiful culture.

  2. I confess that I was too lazy to click the link...BUT cards are awesome! Although I've completely forgotten how to even play. And I have to say that I love the designs on those cards; they're so cute.

    1. Don't worry, I won't send my assassins after you XD Card games are SO FUN. And thank you -- that was a gift from someone, it's a Marc Jacobs set and I'm rather proud of it :D

  3. XD I think my favorite thing about groups that you love to be with is that you can get stuff done and not get anything done all at the same time, but you don't mind, because you're awesome people, especially in a group. It's an amusing story, and I admire the sass of bringing cards in active response to the challenge—I mean, observation. Lol.

    1. That sass was my sass. Because I am the queen of sass. *nods* Yeah, on one hand you're 100 times more productive and on the other, you don't want to be productive, you just want to chill together. Both, I suppose XD

  4. YAY SCIENCE PEOPLE. I just applied for a science camp haha now I am nervously waiting.

    It sounds like playing cards with my family xD

    1. YAYYYY. Good luck! I actually once wrote a guide to summer camps -- possibly will repost it for the summer :D And your family must be awesome, in that case!


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