GIVEAWAY: The Devil Orders Takeout is Baaaaack!


Yes, I am indeed off hiatus! And you know, let's not mince words and get right to the fun stuff: I'm relaunching with this international giveaway.

This giveaway is now closed. However, great news — join my latest giveaway here, for another fantastic prize!


Even though I'm off hiatus, you might not see me post too much from this blog!

Don't worry, though, for the next month I've written up several guest posts that will pop up around the blookunity. (I'll list them on this post as they go live, so you'll see them when you come back to redeem more giveaway entries!)

Guest posts:

(Thanks so much to these lovely bloggers for helping out with my relaunch!)
As for after that ... I've got some special plans, which I'll share with my takeout army shortly. So join us for the latest updates on this blog's destiny *drumroll*

I'm going to keep this short — join that giveaway, and watch this space!
book merch giveaway: INT'L, 3 prize packs!

Say hello in the comments section! And leave all your blog links too, I'm so terribly behind on bloggish news.

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