GIVEAWAY: Spin The Dawn by Elizabeth Lim // mulan adventure and celestial dresses

Welcome, book fiends! Gather round our bubbling cauldron of sakura potion -- it's time for a brand new giveaway!

Today, we're giving away a signed copy of SPIN THE DAWN by Elizabeth Lim, pitched as Project Runway x Mulan. yES PLEASE. In order to become the imperial tailor, Maia Tamarin embarks on an impossible journey to sew three magic dresses, from the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Aren't you enchanted just by that summary? This is a super hyped book and I'm very lucky to have read an ARC, so huge thank you to Elizabeth for giving away a signed copy. If you enjoy magical adventures and slow burn romance, be sure to join this giveaway!

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Look at this gorgeous aesthetic, illustrated by Tran Nguyen — can't you just feel the exciting adventure that Maia embarks on!

Once you've entered, you'll receive an email with details on how to redeem bonus entries—so go and check it now! Because you entered, right? riiiiiight?

Blurb (buy links here):
Maia Tamarin dreams of becoming the greatest tailor in the land, but as a girl, the best she can hope for is to marry well. When a royal messenger summons her ailing father, once a tailor of renown, to court, Maia poses as a boy and takes his place. She knows her life is forfeit if her secret is discovered, but she'll take that risk to achieve her dream and save her family from ruin. There's just one catch: Maia is one of twelve tailors vying for the job.

Backstabbing and lies run rampant as the tailors compete in challenges to prove their artistry and skill. Maia's task is further complicated when she draws the attention of the court magician, Edan, whose piercing eyes seem to see straight through her disguise.

And nothing could have prepared her for the final challenge: to sew three magic gowns for the emperor's reluctant bride-to-be, from the laughter of the sun, the tears of the moon, and the blood of stars. With this impossible task before her, she embarks on a journey to the far reaches of the kingdom, seeking the sun, the moon, and the stars, and finding more than she ever could have imagined.
Full review by moi to come.

This giveaway will run until June 10th, at which point I shall select a winner and have a new giveaway for everyone else. Yay!

This prize will be shipped internationally.

help i'm a smol marshmallow with no legal knowledge but here goes:

Official details regarding this giveaway: No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Entrants must be 18 or above or have parental/guardian permission. Giveaway, bot, or other suspicious accounts will be removed at organiser's discretion. In holding this giveaway, the organiser does not endorse this book or this publisher. The prize will be a signed copy of Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim, or another substitute prize at organiser's discretion. Winner drawn on June 10th. Entrants' email addresses are collected for the purposes of entry confirmation, notifying winners, providing information regarding bonus entries, and further updates on new giveaways. These details are subject to change.

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