Winner Takes All: 1st chapter and playlist!

First, sort-of-unrelated thing: I got Bloglovin'! If you have it, find me and this blog on there. (Shout-out to Heather and Taylor who were already following me. You're the best, guys!)

So, last month, I promised monthly #WatchMeWrite videos. I've already done two and put out a call for beta readers, and thought it was so fun I should keep doing it. Right?
And I had the perfect opportunity, too, since I have a new novel up on Figment. I'm so floored by all the support you've given me on Twitter and co., and so happy to say the first chapter of Winner Takes All is finally up! Early Merry Christmas, everyone! (Or late, if you ask the shopping malls.)

The last time Ylen was in the capital, it was eight years ago and for half a hundred executions.
The ghosts seem to follow her as the limousine glides sleekly down the main roads. Eyes soft as the tips of wings peep round snow-capped statues and frost-rimed lampposts. Ylen does not so much as blink, even as the hairs on the back of her neck rise. If she has survived a lifetime of humiliation from the living, she can bear the baleful gaze of the dead. She might be born a Delennian peasant, but she is no less a courtier than the nobility who shun her, the Qihrin with their velvets and gold and palaces.
The first chapter was publicly posted today, but my three lovely betas — Christina, AnQi and Nivedha — actually had access to it last night! The subsequent chapters will only be open to them to give comments on, but if you enjoyed the first chapter, let me know or comment on Figment and I'll send you the access code.

Back to #WatchMeWrite; but since last month was #NaNoEdiMo — a variant on #NaNoWriMo by the lovely Topaz Winters — I don't have any #WatchMeWrite clips. Then I realised I had a way out.
(My Twitter followers are awesome, so they get to hear a running commentary of what's coming up next on the blog!)

Anyways, I created an 8tracks playlist, and am using it in lieu of a #WatchMeWrite video, hehe.

See here for the full tracklist. Enjoy it paired with the first chapter of Winner Takes All! Hope this is an adequate Christmas present :D



  1. So I LOVE the first chapter of Winner Takes It All, but if I may put out a small suggestion: I had to reread the second clause of the blurb (beginning with "but it is the winners...") a couple of times to really understand it. Possibly revising that would make it even better. :D

    Also! I'm listening to your playlist as I type this and DAMN, you have a good taste in music. Swan Lake = my poison. Very nice choices. ;)

    Thank you so much for the shoutout! x

    1. Thanks so much, both for the compliment and the suggestion! ... Actually more for the suggestion, because I love feedback. You're totally right; passive tense is the bane of my life. I'll tweak it later :)

      Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it! I desperately need music to keep the words coming, and the ones on the playlist are my absolute favourites from the ones I used. AND SWAN LAKE FEELS. Aaaaaah. And you're most welcome :)

  2. Ooh, how exciting!! I definitely want to go and read that first chapter when I have the chance--from the snippet it sounds awesome. :) And yay, playlists are fun! I'd like to make one for TON at some point, though who knows when that'll happen. I'll either get to it six months from now, or I'll get off the computer and do it today while the inspiration is fresh. Could go either way. ;)

    Also, you're welcome--I follow most all of my blogs via Bloglovin', and it's great because you can follow anyone, whether they're on Tumblr or Blogger or Wordpress or self-hosted! Love to check in, too, and see what everyone's saying.

    Anyway, congrats about your first chapter going up--and I hope you're enjoying the Christmas season!! Big hugs!!

    1. Thank you!! This playlist really powered me through finishing the draft, and all the music is just. Argh. FEELS. And I totally get the inspired now vs. completely forgot about it paths; happens with me all the time. Predictably, maths always go down the "completely forgot it about" path.

      Merry Christmas, and thank you again for dropping by!


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