Loony Literate Launch

You may not know, but Emily, previously at The Loony Teen Writer, is moving to Loony Literate! She's a lovely blogger and also a very generous one, because she's hosting a giveaway to celebrate her launch. I'm participating in her blog hop today:

1) What’s something a bit LOONY about you? Well, my blog is called Insanity Inc. And I enjoy torturing characters and killing bacteria.

2) Since I’m Australian – what’s your favourite book by an Australian author? Oops. I will concede I never much noticed which authors were Australians. I have discovered, however, that The Book Thief was written by an Australian!

3) What’s your favourite kind of post to write, and why? I love writing ALL MY POSTS. I am planning a few new series this year that I'm super excited about, so let's see if you agree ;)

4) Favourite genre of YA? Dystopian. I do quite like fantasy, though.

5) Biggest blogging goal? I'm torn between steadily getting >20 comments per post and switching to a new URL/host.

6) Name another blogger who has been an inspiration to you. Greatest inspiration is probably Christina @ fairy skeletons; she was the one who inspired me to blog in the first place!

7) Trivia -
a) a 2014 contemporary YA release where the main character is called Emily (and I loved it, by the way). This author also wrote a book about a road trip. Oh, dear. Only Station Eleven is coming to mind, because the author is called Emily.
b) Madam Rosmerta from Harry Potter makes lovely oak-matured what? mead?

8) If you haven’t done this already, look up your full name (or your pen name if you use one) on an anagram finder. What’s the best anagram of your name? Ahahaha, this was such a great one. My fav ones are Salary Lace Sir and Clearly Air Ass.

9) One thing you want to see more of in YA? Diversity in setting! I blogged all about this here.

10) And finally – are you excited about Loony Literate???? DEFINITELY! The new theme is so gorgeous and Emily is an amazing blogger, so I'm super thrilled to see what's coming!

This post also gave me lots of food for thought, because like I said in (5), I'm going to change the URL and possibly hosting of this blog sometime. Just depends, you know, when I finally muster the courage to do so. Does anyone out there have thoughts about that? Fav themes, web hosts, URL suggestions?

And if you joined the blog hop, do leave a link so I can check our your blog!



    Changing your URL seems daunting. I like designs with one side bar and a white background. I'm not sure why, but it's something that I've been drawn to. Not to say that I don't like you current blog design, because I do :))

    1. Bacteria killing is always good. For SCIIIIIIENCE.

      Well, URL change is probably a long way off, but I am working on a new design that'll be unveiled later this month ... I shall keep your suggestions in mind. ;P

  2. Ooh, good luck if you decide to change names/themes/blog hosts! It's big and scary but I don't regret moving from mine. x) It made my DAY when I found out The Book Thief was authored by an Australian! YAAAY! Our books totally don't get enough publicity, but The Book Thief is doing it right. ;-)

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm probably not moving from Blogger for a while, but theme + name are changing soon. *dives back into mess of HTML*

      To be honest, I don't notice who authors books in general, unless it's an entire series. I do notice when it's a Chinese author, partly because a) HAIL CHINA and b) it's so easy to tell the difference. I wonder, can you tell the difference between Australian names and UK/US names?

  3. I... am pretty sure that Clearly Air Ass is the moral of this post and I don't know if I can say anything else because even though I've kept skimming this post over and over it's still like you only wrote three words so I will just move on now... Sorry...

    1. Ha. Obviously that is the centerpiece. (Although Salary Lace Sir does have a ring to it too!)

  4. The best thing I can suggest is to get your new URL and take your time moving over --- I did my whole new design and everything before announcing that I was moving. Then I clicked a couple of buttons and wham! My posts were all there. But I didn't feel rushed in developing my new design or anything, because no one knew how to get there yet!

    Good luck with your potential upcoming move --- I don't regret making the transition for a heartbeat :D

    1. Well, no plans to change the URL/hosting so far, but a blog name + design change are coming shortly! I'm preparing everything on a test blog, and I'll be clicking the buttons here, as you say, sometime the end of February; so watch out for that! And much thanks for the luck :D

  5. Aah, The Book Thief, that brilliant book! Also, your anagrams are hilarious. I love them! I should really look into finding an anagram finder, just for the heck of fun, haha!

    Good luck with any and all blog name/design changes! Those kinds of changes are always exciting, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve. ;) Also, I saw you mention in a comment that you're not looking into new hosting or switching platforms or anything, but if you ever do have questions about it feel free to ask--my blog's on self-hosted Wordpress, but before that I blogged on Blogger for years, so if you had any questions I'd be happy to try and answer them. :) In the meantime, though--good luck with the new design/name, I can't wait to find out more about this!!

    1. Thank you! Here's the one I used:

      Aaah, thanks for the luck and the offer. I'm just putting the final touches on the design and the new pages :D I already stalk your blog, so I really admire your design and hosting and everything!

    2. You're very welcome! And aw, thanks so much, I'm glad to hear that you like my blog design, etc. :)

      PS Thanks for the link! Must check it out, haha.


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