Survey results // Blog Awards and Tags

Once again, I'm posting several housekeeping items together.

First, thanks to everyone who filled in my flash survey! Since quite a few said you were interested in the results, here's the infographic for those interested:

Next, I've been nominated for a Liebster blog award by Cindy! Thanks!

What inspired you to start blogging? All the awards ask this, have you noticed? This place started out only as somewhere to share writing and random thoughts, more of a personal blog. Then it shifted towards a writing blog when I picked up some readers from Figment, but now I'm slowly switching to a more reader-friendly content.

What would you consider to be the genre of your blog? Just answered that :)

Name Three Pet Peeves? Institutionalised prejudice, standard answers, and not writing my novel when I'm supposed to.

Typical Order From A Coffee Shop? *gulps* I don't drink coffee. Probably a plain hot chocolate, or if I'm feeling rich, a smoothie.

Top 5 favourite bands/singers? Hmm ... I have favourite songs more than favourite singers, so let's list those. Blank Space, Skyfall, Rains of Castamere (which should count for like four because there's the National, Sigur Ros, Karliene, and Paola Bennet.)

If you had to live off three foods and drinks, what would they be? Cake. Chocolate. Takeout. (You can have anything for takeout, right?)

Where do you intend on travelling in the future? London, Dubai, Russia. Probably a few more countries in South America and Africa, too.

Name four of your favourite possessions? Body and all organs (that counts as one), laptop, phone, a still-empty Sherlock notebook.

What three things could you not live without? Oxygen, water, evil.

(What, did you expect a straight answer?)

How long do you spend on the Internet every day, average? Too much.

Favourite memory of this year? I ... I don't really know. I have really poor memory. I did have a few joke-sharing sessions with my mum that left me choking for breath because I was laughing too hard.

I think the rules got lost with this Liebster chain, because the last couple times I wrote questions for the nominees. Which I'll continue doing. Nominees can be found at the bottom, so scroll on!
  1. What First World problem would you solve?
  2. You have the magical power to create any one drink you want. ANY. Which drink?
  3. Best life hack you've learned?
  4. Ice cream or cake?
  5. Chocolate or coffee?
  6. Which tribute in the 75th Hunger Games would you sponsor and why?
  7. Weapon of choice?
  8. Describe your ideal pet dragon.
I've also been nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by Adriana Gabrielle! Thanks!
~Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
~Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
~Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
~Pass these rules on to them
  1. I slept 2 hours after my bedtime yesterday because I was wrapping up WTA rewrites.
  2. I recently got a Pinterest but am too lazy to add it to my blog.
  3. I cut my hair short so I don't look like my profile pic anymore.
  4. I have a Sherlock notebook.
  5. I have yet to receive anonymous hate.
Nominees still at the bottom, so scroll on!
Thanks be to Jo at the Bearable Blog for tagging me! The original tag is by Noor at A Little Bit Of Sunshine.

Rules, as always:
  • You must answer all the questions 
  • Repost the picture with a link to Noors blog and the persons blog who tagged you
  • You may tag people if you would like, but it isn't required.
1. April current TBR? 

I bought a couple books off The Book Depository back in April, including Code Name Verity, Gilt and Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda (SQUEEEE, read these last two already).

But I'm sort of holding off on Code Name Verity for now, because A Court of Thorns and Roses has just arrived!

2. Book (series) you would like to see as a movie? BLACK WIDOW. (Oh wait, that's not a book? Kay then.)

3. Overhyped book/author? John Green. He's an awesome vlogger, but his books just don't click with me.

4. The best book series you will ever read? Probably GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire, although I have a sneaking suspicion that it may be superseded by Victoria Schwab's A Darker Shade of Magic and sequels.

5. Book to movie adaption that was really bad? The Hobbit. LOTR was great, but honestly Hobbit was way overstretched. Unexpected Journey had Gollum and no other plot.

6. Last book that made you cry? *tilts head* I do not understand this human action. (But to be honest, it was my own WIP.)

7. Book you're reading right now? Give it a quick rating. Just started on ACOTAR, about 3.5-4/5 I think.

8. A book series that you just didn't like? Hmm ... I don't normally read past the first book if I don't like the series. I do think Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo was a tad overhyped.

9. Book that you haven't read yet, but really need to? Anything Stiefvater, I suppose. And Laini Taylor. I swear, I need to try them out.

10. All-time favourite author? This is just evil. But see question 4.

Nominees for both the awards and the tag: Rae @ The Wallflower | Briana Mae Morgan | Shelumiel @ Bookish & Awesome | Appletaile @ Twist in the Taile | Heather @ Sometimes I'm A Story | Precious @ Clockwork Desires | Topaz @ Six Impossible Things | Opal @ Opal Swirls | Ana @ Butterflies of the Imagination | Jo @ The Bearable Blog | Susanna @ The Misadventures of a Globetrotter in Training | Vlora @ Reviews and Cake | Brett Michael Orr | Alex @ Third Star to the Right | Shar and Shanti @ Weaving Waves Words | The Fangirl Initiative

As always, don't feel obliged to do these if that's not your thing; it's just an expression of my admiration of you :)


  1. Aw, thanks! I feel so lucky to have been tagged. I will try to do all or some of these on my blog in the near future. HUG!

    1. You're not lucky at all, just completely fabulous. *returns hug* Looking forward to seeing your answers!

  2. Thanks for the tag! I'll try to do it in the next few weeks, or this week if I can. I'm so honoured! :D:D:D (are the emotions too much). This was an interesting post too! I'm interested about those random facts about you. (I'm happy you say mum not mom, and also you've never mentioned your parents on your blog before. Yayay (also, I'm interested that you have a bedtime. Both my parents are currently sitting in my room telling me to go to bed, so I might get around to that)

    1. You're very welcome! I look forward to reading your answers :D

      Have I not? I try not to post personal things on the blog, because it's more in the book blogging/writing niche, but oh well. Also, British spellings for the win.

      My bedtime is self-imposed, actually -- I know I'll regret sleeping late the next morning, and I've learned the hard way.

  3. LOL at you only being able to cry for your own WIP. I can totally understand the feeling, though. I loved all your answers, and Pinterest is awesome once you get into it (although very distracting, too :/)

    And thanks again for all the nominations!

    1. I think I cried before when I was much, much younger. Now I don't react as much, and I know I'm doing things right for my WIP if I'm feeling emotional when writing it. Pinterest IS very distracting, but great for inspiration.

      You're welcome!

  4. Thanks for the tag! And yay for joining Pinterest :))

    Also, your graphics for your stats are amazing!

    1. You're welcome! Pinterest is awesome :D I made the graphics with, you ought to try it out!

  5. Thanks for tagging me! I do not drink coffee either, but I DO go on Pinterest (too much, too much, too much) so I have followed you to steal from you whatever you may pin. And don't look at mine because I will feel judged and stalked. (Not really, it's just that the way my account looks is insane and bizarre.) Would you like to receive anonymous hate? I can write some anonymous hate for you. I am totally capable of being mean and not sharing my identity all at the same time. Also, I definitely feel you on the John Green thing—I'm more than happy to spend ten minutes watching a fascinating video, but the books are just not up my alley. These are great answers, and thanks again for tagging me; I look forward to doing it soon! :)

    1. You are welcome! Oops, I followed you back on Pinterest before I saw this blog comment. Feel stalked, but I promise not to judge. *nods*

      The real reason I want to receive anon hate is because I want to be controversial and stuff. I have one or two posts lined up that I think will be controversial, but my readers are generally to nice to send me anon hate. So thanks for the offer, but I'll wait for genuinely hateful anons XD

      I know him mainly from Tumblr gifs, and I'll go over to watch the video in question. The books are too romance and contemporary for my fantasy and murder loving self. I look forward to reading your answers!

  6. "Body and all organs". xD Well, I suppose they are very important. Agreed about the John Green thing, I love him on vlogbrothers but his books are overhyped. Although I liked Paper Towns so the movie adaptation coming soon is exciting! Thanks for tagging me for the award. Your questions shall be fun to answer. :)

    1. It would sort of be sad to be a disembodied mind. Could you even have a mind without a brain?

      It appears I'm not alone on this, so whew. Thought I was going to get a lot of flak for not flailing over TFIOS. Haven't read Paper Towns, but the trailer looked cool!

      I certainly hope they are!

  7. Oooh, so much awesome in this post. xD Hot chocolate truly is THE BEST though. I kind of get addicted to it....yuuuuuum, particularly in winter. It's awesome that your blog has changed and grown though. xD MINE TOO! I started out as a travel blogger. Which is just weird to think about. And nope, I Didn't travel a lot, just once, haha. But it was my older sisters idea and I'm easily influenced. xD

    I want to go to London too. BUT ALSO PARIS. And I kind of want to go to Russia because I was reading travel tips (idek why) and it said Russians don't spontaneously make small talk or smile at strangers. YUUUUS. This is my hometown. These are my people. It calls me. I need go.

    1. I want hot chocolate even in summer. Starbucks frappucinos are so wonderful but so expensive *weeps* It's funny, though, because when I look for blogging advice everyone is like "PICK A NICHE" and "YOU MUST PICK A GREAT NICHE". Whereas I just sit here, "Huh, maybe I should post more about this sorta stuff."

      I HAVE BEEN TO PARIS AND IT IS WONDERFUL. There is good hot chocolate. I didn't know that about Russians, but I also want to go to Russia because ST PETERSBURG, DAMMIT. Much pretty <3

  8. There's so much in here!

    First thing's first, SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA! Second, Blank Space, baby! (Have you heard the 1989 mash-up by Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider?) Also, I think I need to start A Feast for Crows really soon. And CAKES! "People are shameless when it comes to cake. It's a beautiful thing to see." Again, thank you for the nomination, Alyssa!

    PS. Coffee is glorious! I mean. Just saying.

    1. Ahaha, I know. I always forget to leave time for spontaneous blog awards! And I totally owe my Simon Vs experience to you -- it was really your immense flailing that prompted me to try my FIRST contemporary! And START AFOC. IT IS BEAUTIFUL WORLDBUILDING.

      Cakes are deserving of shamelessness. I don't mind coffee cakes so much ...

  9. Is it awful that I want to anonymously spew evil, just so you can cross that off your list? That is awful. I won't do it, I promise, but know that I was tempted. I feel like that is worth confessing.

    I don't understand how humans survive without coffee, or more accurately, how I ever survived before coffee.

    Also YESSSS to London and St. Petersburg! I have been to both and... very much yes. St. Petersburg is one of those places you NEED to experience- you most certainly would NOT want to live there, but it's amazing to visit. London, well, I could understand wanting to live there!

    This is fun, I like the questions you asked. I may even do some of them, even though I wasn't tagged, because I didn't do the last tag you tagged me in! (Well, I DID, I had already done it, if that makes sense?)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Thanks for the offer -- that's the second offer I've received in these comments for fake anon hate! XD Although the point is to be controversial enough to genuinely annoy some people.

      I've tried coffee before but it's just too bitter? I'd be fine with lattes, I think.

      *flails in jealousy* I WANT THAT SO MUCH. I DO. London's a little damp and cold for long-term living, and even more so for St Petersburg, but they're lovely historical places.

      Go ahead, consider yourself tagged! Let me know if you end up answering them, and I'll add you back into my list. The nomination thing is pretty much a random lottery through the blogs I follow anyhow :)

  10. I did the survey, and I'm so glad you think you'll be starting so many of the features. I think I voted for everything except the Tumblr plot twist snapshots. It's not that I don't like your idea, but rather that I'm not a huge fan of Tumblr itself. I am, however, very excited to hear more behind the scenes stuff about your writing. I LOVE hearing about the process writers go through. Thanks so much for tagging me, Alyssa. Except I'm not sure I can forgive you for not loving The Hobbit adaptations. ;)

    1. Thank you for your opinions! Tumblr is everywhere -- Facebook, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Tumblr after all :D I'm glad you do -- I do quite enjoy reading about other writers' processes, so it should be fun to write about it too!

      You're welcome! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy them, but it was just a bit too slow.


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