#WatchMeWrite + Witchy Tracklist

FIRST OF ALL: early Happy Halloween, blookunity! How fitting that I unveil the tracklist of my witchy NaNo novel today.

But first: another #WatchMeWrite of me, this time planning out the magic system!
The music for this video is Short Hair from the Mulan soundtrack — Alex suggested it for the tracklist, but it didn't quite mesh with the rest of the aesthetic. It was too ingenious to use the Mulan soundtrack for a Mulan retelling, though, so I used it instead for the video!

Additionally, the Witches Black and Silver tracklist has been finalised with the help of my wonderful, wonderful takeout army! Listen to the entire witchy tracklist on Soundcloud here. These are the songs they picked:
  • Once Upon a Time (Lana Del Rey), suggested by Heather
    • But do you know how much the idea of past relationships factor into WiBaS because THEY DO and Heather is clearly a psychic
  • Devil's Backbone (The Civil Wars), suggested by Topaz
    • Topaz was the first one to introduce me to The Civil Wars' Poison and Wine, and again she amazes me with her musical aesthetic
  • Hurricane (Halsey), suggested by Topaz
    • I only recently discovered Halsey but I am ALL THE EXCITE about Badlands
  • Begging for Thread (Banks), suggested by Eve
    • I discovered this literally two days before the suggestion so Eve may or may not be a stalker (the most amazing kind)
  • Your Bones (Of Monsters and Men)
    • Melody suggested a series of OMAM songs, and the vibe was so perfect, but the lyrics didn't quite match so I picked out Your Bones instead
Thank you all for your help! I couldn't do it without my takeout army :D To thank you all, I will be sending out the first paragraphs of WiBaS to you lovelies next week. The rest of you, don't miss out on the early-bird snippet!

Name your favourite song of the tracklist in the comments! What are you doing for NaNo? Writing, editing, cheering me on?

Twitter-sized takeout:
#WatchMeWrite is a campaign started by E. R. Warren and Samantha Chaffin, wherein writers record their process, speed it up, add music, and show it to the rest of the world. Here are all past #WatchMeWrite videos!

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