In January: I tried book photography and welcome back Kim!

OKAY. Here goes my first recap post!
Book photography and #amwriting sassy revenge novel

I've been blogging:

I've been reading:

Zombie Survival Guide Max Brooks Book Photography Book haul photography
First photo was inspired by Cait @ Paper Fury's levitating book photo. Not 100% happy with the execution, but the concept perhaps? The second photo was my first photo edited through VSCOcam. Blookunity, book photography advice please? Critiques very welcome!

In January, I reviewed WOLF BY WOLF (January favourite!), Illuminae, The Game of Love and Death, The Zombie Survival Guide, and The Novel Planner on Goodreads.

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I've been writing:

#amwriting revenge novel with sassy justice lady
I'm making SO MANY edits to Matryoshka, my revenge-gone-wrong novel in a multicultural city with a sassy justice lady! I'm joining Cait and Emily in their #rewriteathon on Twitter, hoping to finish in March.

A huge thank you to my betas, first of all, whose advice has/will help me a great deal. Some plans are changing Thomas' name and breaking away from my shared-character-name streak with Cait (I've mentioned her four times this post, we're clearly cybertwins anyways); adding a Chekhov's knife that will amuse me; and miraculously not killing off new characters.

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The superlatives of the blookunity:

(Has anyone been to Model United Nations conference where they vote on cutest delegation and next Malala or whatnot? This is the blookunity equivalent.)

So tell me! Thoughts on my book photography? Do you want MORE dim summaries?

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