In March: I reveal giveaway winners, flailed over ADSOM, and rewrote the witchy WIP!

WOAH, March has whisked past so quickly, and it's nearly April Fools'! In this month's recap, I reveal my birthday giveaway winners and my start on Mulan + Swan Lake retelling WIP revisions.

I've been blogging:

Oh, and birthday giveaway winners! They are ... Abi Pearson, Liz Brooks, and Denise. Congratulations and I've emailed you about the prizes — but for anyone else, I'm running another giveaway here for a truly fabulous book:

I've been reading:

'Tis the season for A Darker Shade of Magic and (NYT bestseller!!!!!) A Gathering of Shadows. Victoria Schwab herself RTed the first photo and I am STILL FLAILING.

On other bookish news, I'm still clearing out the December haul plus a couple more books! I read A GATHERING OF SHADOWS (February-March favourite), Dark Places, The Bureau of Time, Red Rising, and The Winner's Crime.

Reviews upcoming on Goodreads —friend me there for bookish updates, and check me out on Tumblr for more book photography experiments!

PS: I am on Instagram, but I'm posting very very rarely if at all until I graduate from high school — I will however follow back + like/comment on your bookstagrams!

I've been writing:

Oh man, guys, I finally finished draft 3 of MATRYOSHKA, aka Revenge WIP. Bad news, I think I will be rewriting this one extensively, so it'll remain hidden in my laptop for a while.

Good news: I'm currently working on the Witchy WIP, aka Mulan + Swan Lake retelling! Awesome to be back in the comfort of very-rough first drafts:
“I don’t trust dying men.” Desperation was very dangerous.

“At least I’ve lived before I die.” Hung took out a nice watch [describe] and flashed it at her. “If they want magic, fine, but their monsters shouldn’t go where we don’t want them. We fight so that the future generations will be free.”

“We’re all monsters here. They just wear different skins. I’m not afraid of the northern creatures.” Lie. She was terrified of them, [elaborate on this].

Hung shrugged. “At least you’ll be the richest girl in town, and you’ll have fun.”

Mo didn’t need to join the army to find power fun. “I’ll have an adventure in time but I sure as heck am not dying on it.”
In other news, I've delayed Secret Poetry Project and am instead considering Secret Teacup Mini-Project. Informative, I know. RT the below tweet and I'll notify you when you can read it!

The superlatives:

(Has anyone been to Model United Nations conference where they vote on cutest delegation and next Malala or whatnot? This is the blookunity equivalent.)

Link me up to your favourite March post in the blookunity! And thoughts on my A Darker Shade of Magic bookstagrams?? 

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