UPDATE: I have an agent!! + blog changes!

HELLO DENIZENS. Your resident writer has news to announce, gather around with hot chocolate and takeout ramen!

I'm so so so thrilled to announce that I have signed with the amazing Kiana Nguyen at Donald Maass Literary Agency!

A little about my manuscript:

When sixteen-year-old thief Mo stabs a runaway witch-princess, she’s cursed to wear her face. To break the curse, Mo braves the unfamiliar world of witchcraft where she must survive the assassin hunting the princess—and equally dangerous, her own desire for power.

Also featuring: demons, a curse, magical food, Chinese folklore, and a villain origin story buried somewhere.

Read weekly snippets here:

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For long-time readers, you might have missed me (don't tell me if you didn't) during my abrupt hiatus for the past few months.

To remedy this, I've decided to change up my blogging plan -- I shall be running bimonthly giveaways for Asian SFF on this blog. The first giveaway will be held in March!

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