Kangaroos Without Hay

Note: This is a parody of Kangaroos Near Hay, by John Foulcher, to whom we owe our apologies.

Disclaimer: No profit is being made from this venture and no copyright infringement is intended.

Kangaroos Without Hay

Head like a dinosaur, whip twisting the body
into a sickle (blood cell),
legs smooth as a rabbit's thigh, cowled
with claws black and not-so-strong
the tail curling like a matchstick
The whole animal is a single rabbit, its currents of similes
traced by the teacher's markers

spilling with ink,
its jackalopes ... running?

Sometimes, they stay on the paper,
amidst chatters from the English class,

but mostly, morning lays them in the bin,
scrunches them into balls,
legs snapped, brittle as silence in the classroom.
And there's nothing
save for the crab-stain of coffee soaked by paper,
the body sent away to the rubbish dump;
Oh wait, I forgot to mention the hay.

(Written by myself and a classmate during class)

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