#WatchMeWrite 1: Fortune's Favour

ETA: I have another of these up right here with my pre-NaNo freak-out, so do check it out!

Hello, deviating from schedule today and posting on a Thursday. Why? Did you even look at the URL? We're supposed to be random here.

So, Figment writer and serialist author E. R. Warren started this thing called #WatchMeWrite, where she sped up a video of herself writing a first draft and added music to spice it up.

Aaaand that was an awesome idea. And what's even more awesome is that she/we/people/humans are turning it into a tag game of sorts. Guess who was nominated by the charming Samantha Chaffin, whose #WatchMeWrite video is here.

All hail: my very first #WatchMeWrite video.

Go to Vimeo to watch it in full-screen; Blogger vid quality is not very high.

700 or so words in half an hour; not bad at all! (Of course, factor in the time in yelling at iMovie and that changes a little. But still.) By the way, for those interested, Fortune's Favour is a fantasy short story I'm writing for this competition, and it's set in my very own Hong Kong during the recent Occupy Central movement. This round of self-promotion brought to you by ME.

I nominate the following lovelies: AnQi, NivedhaRona, SunnyQueenie, JohnHeather. Mainly because you're all amazing, partially because I just want to see you write. *insert evil grin* Plan, write, revise, whatever, it's up to you! Then post on any social media site to share your pain and gain :)

And any writers who've wandered here, please do join in and leave a link to your video in the comments! If you have Twitter, don't forget to tweet your vid and tag #WatchMeWrite. I promise to gobble up your videos faster than chocolate.

For everyone's reference, the Teacup Trail staff (headed by Christina, whose video I am eagerly awaiting) have made this wonderful post detailing step-by-step how to make your #WatchMeWrite video.


  1. I know I've said it already a million other places, but I'm obsessed with this. And with "Fortune's Favour." 700 words in half an hour is GREAT!

    And thanks for linking to Christina's step-by-step! :) I can't wait to see who takes the challenge!

    1. Thanks so much! I foresee that I'm going to spend several posts making these videos and converting more of the writing community to this incredibly addictive habit :D

  2. I was actually a little dubious until I watched the video—now I think this is the coolest idea. My only complaint is that these videos are a little addicting... but that is probably not a problem. I loved watching you write! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, right? Making them is equally addictive; I'm recording everything I write now. Can't wait to see your video!

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