The Go-Between Recap #3

This is part of a recap of The Go-Between by L.P. Hartley, my literature text for this year. Its main purpose is to help me blow off steam and mock a book which is actually pretty good. Expect snark, complaints, and very very occasional analysis. Do not take seriously.

Chapter 5

Family prayers at Brandham Hall are described meticulously and my conclusion is that either Leo or the Maudsleys are way too pompous. I have nothing against religion, but is it necessary to describe this for an entire page?

Leo considers cursing Trimingham to save Marian from an unhappy marriage. Sure thing, but we haven't yet established Marian has a poor farmer for a lover — oh wait, spoiler. But Leo likes him because he ... has a scar and is not afraid? Okay then.

Marcus says there is going to be a cricket game. I'm not sure if this counts as foreshadowing.

Oh, and Marcus is down with suspected measles. Uh, is this symbolism? I've been reading this too long to ignore random things. Also, Leo thinks he can avoid being infected by holding his breath. Ha, ha. It doesn't take a year of science trainings to laugh.

Marian shows up and Leo asks her if her hair is dry now. Hello? This happened at least a day ago, Leo, are you okay? Marian is sort of nice but forgets Leo has no sisters. Leo is totally okay because Marian apologises and he gets a boner. What? It's true.

Chapter 6

We're now going to church. Leo spends several pages looking around and thinking. Points of note, exaggerated for ease of understanding: he thinks the nobility feels ancient, but since (the ninth) Viscount Trimingham is alive it makes them not so ancient. He also thinks about morals but doesn't have them. 

Trimingham unnecessarily is introduced as the ninth Viscount Trimingham, and he and Leo have some snark-to-snark combat. Got it, they're not friends. Trimingham gives Leo a message to give to Marian and he trots off. Gasp — the messages are beginning!

Leo mispronounces Hugh, Marian is "nice" about it, whatever, whatever. Oh look, Marcus has measles, Leo gets a new (tiny) room for himself! Symbolism!

I am out of f*cks to give for symbolism.

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