#WatchMeWrite: Witchy NaNo Novel

#WatchMeWrite is a campaign started by E. R. Warren and Samantha Chaffin, wherein writers record their process, speed it up, add music, and show it to the rest of the world. Here are all past #WatchMeWrite videos!

This month, we're taking a break from Matryoshka and instead talking about my NaNoWriMo project. There's only a month left, which means planning is now under way! This November, I'll be writing Witches Black and Silver, a Mulan + Swan Lake crossover retelling.
Last month, I sent a special upgraded #WatchMeWrite to my takeout army, and it had a voiceover explaining my stylistic choices and my characters' quirks. This month, all of you can enjoy the voiceover! Watch the video above and hear me ramble.
I describe Witches Black and Silver as VICIOUS meets THE NIGHT CIRCUS. (I'm ridiculously proud that I have comp titles for once.) What you can expect from WiBaS, as I'm calling it:
  • 80% girl cast
  • it's actually 100% if we only count important characters
  • commercialised magic at the corner store
  • I'm serious, there's a magical Starbucks
  • magical ability rivalry that poisons friendships
  • grave robbery and wanton threats
  • magic and madness and murder and monsters
In the next month, I'll be hard at work planning and preparing for NaNo. I find myself needing some input and advice on one thing, though — if you want to take part in the making of my Mulan + Swan Lake retelling, join my takeout army now to help out in this secret mission before next Saturday!

What excites you most about WiBaS? Where does my accent come from? Comment away.

Twitter-sized takeout:

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