It's raining cats and dogs and Ferroro Rocher

Once upon a time, a bunch of gods were having a party somewhere up in the sky. They were happily snacking on Ferroro Rocher when one of them (chocolate, not god) dropped down from the sky to land. From then on, mankind could also snack happily on Ferroro Rocher.

... Or so one of their ads say, anyways. You'll see the reason I'm bringing this up in a moment.

So, sadly, school just started. (Ooh, alliteration.) Let's take a look at a bit of Geography class:

pre·ci·pi·ta·tion |priˌsipəˈtā sh ən|

any form of water falling from the sky

(With reference to the Official Geography Teacher Dictionary, 3rd Edition — that is, the geography teacher herself.)

So, unable to restrain my sarcastic streak, I muttered, "Does that include Ferroro Rocher?" (That ad is something of a running joke in my school.)

I don't think the teacher heard, which was good. However, my classmates did, which was bad, because they laughed. And even a teacher incapable of actually teaching geography could figure out something was wrong.

The best part? After class, the 'good' student of our class came up to me and said, "I don't mind if you're sarcastic to her." The teacher was that incompetent.

Conclusion of the day: You know there's something wrong when you start snarking at teachers on the second day of actual lessons.

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