EEK. Or, Double Publication News

I'm so excited to announce TWO new publications! First off, before I start, I want to thank all my lovely followers on Twitter who read and congratulated me on the first pub when I announced it there: Topaz, AnQi, John, TaylorChristina, and Sam. These people are the best and I'm so lucky to have their support.
Corium Magazine is a literary magazine that "publishes stories and poems with substance and connection. Words that touch on nerves and stay." For the non-scientifically minded, they further explain, "The corium is the dense inner layer of skin beneath the epidermis. It includes connective tissue, blood and an elaborate sensory nerve network. What’s going on beneath the surface."

My contribution to this issue, "On the Bus Stop", is actually a translation of a Chinese assignment which was translated from a decidedly English mess of ideas. During the summer, I came upon this and spent a few hours translating and polishing it, and I'm so excited how wonderfully it's turned out! Here's a quote:
I touch his wrist with a pinkie, and he takes my hand immediately. The buses fill the silence, whistling to a stop and then off again. He adjusts his collar and licks his lips. He’s always so confused, as if life is a mystery he cannot unravel.
I love him for the birdcages barring the world from his eyes.
Read the rest of it here!

From their site, "The Glass Kite Anthology was founded by Margaret Zhang and Noel Peng on July 9, 2014 in order to fulfill their goal of bringing public attention to literary works written by teens that they found to be extraordinary, yet undiscovered by most.

We're looking for fresh perspectives on what we thought had gone stale. We want work that makes us see the world in shades of sleepy periwinkle and tints of forest wildfire. We want the moving, the authentic, the raw; we want the powerful, the breathtaking, the invigorating. We want to feel alive, or like we were a corpse all along."

The work that's been published is "Chiaroscuro", a prose poem depicting five different colours in terms of senses other than visual. An unedited version was on Figment a while back, and a huge thank you to everyone who's read it! Here are the first few lines:
White is the cleanest color of them all. It is the color of milk, the color of new-fallen snow. It is a warm blanket on a winter night, your mother's first and last kiss.
Check out the other colours, ranging from red to brown to grey to black!

I'm so happy with how these two works have turned out, and delighted that I can share them with you all. Hope you'll enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them!


  1. I'd already read "On the Bus Stop" from your Twitter promo, but Chiasroscuro was new to me! I love reading things with strong figurative language—it's one of those things I struggle with myself. :) Congrats on both publications, though! That's quite an accomplishment!

    1. Ooh, if you're interested in figurative language, you should check out my WIP Winner Takes All when I upload it to Figment this Saturday. *late self-promo warning* Seriously, though, that's my pet project specifically for literary writing. Thanks so much, glad you liked reading these :D

  2. This is so cool, good for you!! I know I already told you I liked "On the Bus Stop", but I just read "Chiaroscuro" and that was lovely as well. I also love the idea of a prose poem, and I think I might have to try my hand at it sometime. :)

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS again, and big hugs from me!

    1. THANK YOU! Prose poetry has always been my strong suit, I think, and it's one of the first things I've written (like, not counting the crappy school compositions). I didn't know it was a category in of itself, though, and am still working to refine my skill at it. It's really fun, though; I'd encourage you to find time to try it!


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