I'M SEVENTEEN! I shriek thank you and hold a giveaway!

It's time for partying! And thank you's! And a scavenger hunt! And a giveaway! BASICALLY ALL THE FUN.

Because it it my birthday! Rejoice, blookunity!
Okay, I think we've had enough excitement and exclamation marks. This has been an amazing journey — three years, blookunity! — so let's look back:

My ginormous thanks to my beta readers for various WIPs:

Aimee Meester: your support and enthusiasm for my WIPs blows me away // Alex McCarron: I adore your aesthetic // Asha: your feedback is always so helpful // Anastasia Hart: You were one of my earliest writing inspirations. just, thank you. // Christina Im: you made me love myths and retellings so you are my queen. Also credit to you for inspiring Kim who remains my own favourite character! // Eve @ Appletaile: your poetry has grown by truly breathtaking amounts and I am always blown away // Heather Hufford: you have the greatest sense of humour; all the best with your WIPs, esp bagel-loving Death // Nivedha: thank you for being one of my earliest Figment friends. I would not be here without you. // Rae Oestrich: your writing advice and beta help is so awesome // Topaz Winters: your gorgeous poetry inspires me so much!

(Psst, if you're interested in reading my manuscripts ... there is a special opportunity in this post. Keep scrolling!)

Equally huge thanks to those around the blookunity:

Aentee @ Read at Midnight: I've seen your blog grow from its itty bitty stages to its glorious present self and it's just so fabulous! // Ava Jae: your writing advice is THE BESTEST and I loved Beyond the Red! // Cait @ Paper Fury: thanks for breaking my heart with Tremolo please write more // Chiara Sullivan: love your important opinions on LGBT+ fiction // Emily Meadthank you for agreeing when I basically flung myself in your face to co-host Snazzy Snippets with you! // Jayvee @ Writer for Misfits: you brighten my Twitter TL every day // Kelly & Kynndra @ Diva Booknerd: your reviews are glorious and your Tumblr edits slay me // Kwan Ann Tan: but okay?? your poetry??? is just???? aslkfjdlkjasdf // Mishma @ Chasing Faes: #DiverseReads2016 is the best thing ever, thanks for featuring me // Rachana @ Addicted to YA: your comments make me smile, your poetry makes me keyboard smash // Shannon Miz: you're such a vivacious presence in the blookunity // Shar & Shanti @ Virtually Read: You two have the most fantastic blog post ideas!

But basically thank you to EVERYONE who's ever read, commented, or shared a blog post, or replied to, faved, or retweeted my tweets, or followed me in any of the ways available. You are THE AWESOMEST.

A scavenger hunt! Win the giveaway!

Basically, scavenge all around the blog for the answers to these questions! Then copy the questions into a comment, answer them, and enter for MOAR entries in the giveaway. They may have more than one answer, so don't fret.
  1. Who is my favourite author (of 2015, anyways)?
  2. Which extremely-hyped books disappointed me?
  3. Which is my favourite Sylvia Plath poem?
  4. What is the colour of my laptop keypad cover?
  5. What was the original title of Matryoshka?
  6. Name/describe a character who died in Shadowplay.*
Search around on the blog (and for the more challenging ones, other sites I'm on) for the answers! These increase in difficulty, so good luck! Then answer the questions in a comment of this post and enter the giveaway.

*Shadowplay is the Matryoshka prequel, chronicling the civil war. Theoretically you need to have been around really long to know this, but think about it and there's actually a loophole.


In both these giveaways, you get ALL THESE FOUR THINGS: (a) commissioning a custom "bubblehead" portrait from me, like this one:
(b) commissioning a quote poster from me, examples below (c) getting to read Matryoshka in April once this giveaway ends ans (d) getting to read Witches Black and Silver when I finish the second draft in June/July.
On the left, a quote from revenge WIP Matryoshka; on the right, the opening line of Witches Black and Silver. Both of these are quote posters designed by moi!

I should also add that there are no more open beta rounds of both Matryoshka and Witches Black and Silver in my current writing plan -- which is up to May 2017! I will personally invite betas that have relevant diverse experiences to fact-check, are fabulous people, or plain threatened me with dragons and pineapples. But even those people will be reading a much later draft, so if you're impatient, you should join!

Besides, there is zero obligation to give any kind of feedback, so for those too busy to beta-read -- this one is for you.
a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway
This is your earliest chance to read these works and quite possibly your only chance too. Go forth and enter! One winner is from general blog readers, the other two from my takeout army. Not yet a member? Join now and triple your winning chances.

Oh, and a surprise giveaway! I won a Society6 coupon from the ever-lovely Bhavya, so I'm giving it back to the blookunity. Yay!a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you, lovelies, for staying around The Devil Orders Takeout so long! What takeout do you bring to this party? And tell me your answers to the scavenger game!

Join my takeout army to get extra entries in the giveaway! Yay!

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