The Student's Guide to Summer Camp

Note: I realize that summer vacation is mostly over and this post is pretty much rendered moot, but I will make a note to repost this before next year's summer vacation. (Oh my goodness, I can't wait for school to be over already.)

Note 2: This post is mainly based on my experiences at the AMAZING Wu Chieng Shiung Science Camp in Taiwan. Seriously, anyone who speaks Mandarin and loves science, join next year. Feel free to email me at alyssa[dot]carlier[at]gmail[dot]com for exclusive tips — I actually won an award, so. ;)

1. Do not adhere to the theme of the camp.

Because everyone else is going to adhere to it. And, hey, that's just boring. At WCS, I introduced myself as a literature lover; if I were at a literature camp, I'd call myself a fledgling scientist. Change your identities so as to be unique and not a boring 1D person.

But more than that, you want to meet someone and stay in touch after camp, which is so much easier if you have multiple overlapping interests. Probably everyone at WCS was interested in science, but I couldn't very well exchange emails with everyone. (And even if I did, I wouldn't bother finding them again in the loooong list.)

2. Talk to people randomly.

This is extremely creepy in daily life. But at camp, no one seems to mind. Say anything from "I love your accent" to "nice hair" to "what's your Tumblr". If you notice someone in the corner, you've found your next target. Take it from the person who used to be in the corner that we'd love a chat.

And to find them again (or at least flatter them with the illusion you will do so), remember to add them on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media you choose. Contrary to what I said above, Tumblr is actually not the best for keeping in touch.

3. Cheat.

By which I mean consult old hands. (If you're reading this blog post, you've got a head start.) What's the dress code? What sort of lectures tend to be interesting? What's the meal etiquette? Most importantly, are there rewards and how do you get them?

4. Enjoy.

It's the vacation, guys. Chill.

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  1. Agree with all of these--at writing camp I said I enjoyed math and ended up befriending another girl who did as well.


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